My name is Dave Corfman. I began my REI journey back in 2017, primarily to diversify my investment portfolio. As a long-time mutual fund investor, I came into rental real estate wanting it to be as hands-off as possible. It didn’t take long for me to realize that “hands-off” and physical property ownership do not go together at all. I currently have a small portfolio of single-family homes, and do plan to grow the portfolio over time.

Since the beginning of this journey, I have always been my own bookkeeper – through my personal portfolio and three partnerships. This experience allowed me to really understand the specific needs of rental property investors. Probably the biggest need is an economical solution to bookkeeping, since a small portfolio is not going to produce enough cashflow to justify spending thousands of dollars on bookkeeping. This realization is what has spurred me to find and create what I feel is the best solution for small- to medium-sized rental property owners.

I retired from the medical IT field in 2020, so I am basically a full-time real estate investor and asset manager these days. I have dabbled in many different aspects of real estate investing over the last few years, including private lending, fix-and-flips, property management, creative financing, and marketing for off-market properties. Outside of real estate, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, fixing up my current residence, drinking good whiskey, and playing guitar.

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