I REALLY Hate Bookkeeping!!!

– Many rental real estate investors at some point during their journey

Do you really hate the bookkeeping for your rental property portfolio? Do you end up blowing it off for months at a time, only to forget how you have been categorizing your expenses? Or worse yet, do you just not do it, and give your CPA a folder full of receipts and handwritten notes at the beginning of April each year? Are you outgrowing your Excel spreadsheets? Do you think that bookkeeping services are too expensive, especially with your small portfolio of rental properties?

** Rental real estate bookkeeping for as low as $50/month! **

Yes, you read that right – bookkeeping services for your rental real estate portfolio for as low as $50/month. How is this possible? By utilizing a few things:

  • Using a software platform that has what rental real estate investors need and doesn’t have what they don’t need.
  • Using tools for efficient monthly reconciliation.
  • Simple document management system for receipts, bank statements, etc. using Google Drive.
  • Self-serve reporting – you can pull the reports you need yourself.
  • Only take on rental real estate investors as clients – very specialized bookkeeping.

Powered by Xero – In our opinion, Xero is the best option for rental real estate investors. It is far more cost-effective than Intuit’s QuickBooks, while still offering robust functionality. Only pay for what you need with Xero!

Drop us an email at ireallyhatebooking@gmail.com, or give us a call at (608) 291-7940 to see if we would be a good fit for you.

You will probably never love bookkeeping, but at least we can help you stop hating it!

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